Kids Day Out

Local spots to keep young children entertained and happy

Parents with young children are always on the hunt for great spots that are fun and safe to visit with their young children – but also enjoyable for parents too. Here we explore some of the best family-friendly spots in Bardon, Paddington, The Gap, and Ashgrove.


Jubilee Park – a family-friendly park that offers an array of features for young children to enjoy, with a well-equipped playground with slides, swings, climbing structures, and interactive and creative play elements. The park also features open green spaces for picnics and ball games, public toilets, and there is ample parking.

Norman Buchan Park – the best day to visit is a Sunday when the Bardon Markets are on, to combine a local community activity and a play in the park. The ride on fire truck is a very popular feature for young children.

Goodfolk Café – directly across the road from Norman Buchan Park, with an enclosed safe back area and edible garden. Also dog friendly.


Neal Marcossan Park – a fun playground with plenty of features for young children. This enclosed play area includes swings, slides, climbing frames, and a large sandpit, providing endless opportunities for imaginative play and physical development. The park is located next to the Ithaca Pool and an adjoining off-leash dog park.

Peach Café – in Haig Rd is the perfect hang-out to grab great food and a coffee, located right next to Torwood Park to keep the kids happy too.

The Gap

Benjamina Place Park – famous now as the location for the Turtle Boy episode from Bluey. A very safe park for young children (no busy roads nearby), with a basic playground (swings), and a picnic area. No public toilet facility. Featured image: local mum Mathilde with young sons Jack and Alfie enjoying the ‘Bluey Park’.

Wittonga Park – a great park for both younger kids and older kids. There is a playground suitable for younger children with slides and climbing equipment, and a bikeway/walkway, BMX track area suitable for older children. The park also has picnic areas, a BBQ (electric), basketball half-court, tennis rebound wall, cricket facility, water bubbler, and public toilets. Adjacent is an enclosed off-leash dog area – so the whole family can enjoy themselves.

Walton Bridge Reserve – a lovely location to explore next to the creek, with BBQ’s (electric), picnic areas, and a great playground for little children. Under the bridge next door is a skate park facility to keep older kids happy. Public toilets and water (bubbler/tap) are available.

The Bakeologists Café – a very short stroll along the path from Walton Bridge Reserve Park is the perfect spot for parents to relax and enjoy a coffee, snack, and chat with friends, while young children have a safe outdoors environment to enjoy.


Amarina Avenue Park – is a family-friendly park designed with young children in mind. From slides and swings to climbing structures and interactive play panels, there is plenty to engage children’s imaginations and promote physical activity. Pop into the Ashgrove Library right next door to keep your little ones further entertained or grab a coffee from the coffee cart on the library verandah – also child friendly.

The Enchanted Forest (located in Dorrington Park) – designed especially for young children, featuring a magical playground that captivates the imaginations of young children. This whimsical park is designed to resemble a fairytale forest, with an enchanting atmosphere. It features a range of play equipment, including slides, swings, climbing frames, and balance beams, all adorned with charming forest-themed elements. The park also includes picnic areas and public toilet facilities.

So, pack a picnic, bring the kids (and dog maybe), and embark on an adventure to these family-friendly havens in our Western suburbs.

Main image credits: © Chelsea Armour. Other images supplied by Brisbane City Council, Goodfolk Café, and Melanie Grevis-James.