The Gap LOCO

The Gap LOCO

The Gap LOCO is a very different type of business. It is run by the workers but is owned by the community and it is a social enterprise committed to the environment.

The Gap LOCO is one of very few registered worker co-operatives in Queensland. Its 10 workers make decisions by consensus without a boss, CEO or executive board. It often takes a while for new workers to get used to this very different way of making decisions and to properly recognize their own autonomy and responsibilities as part of the co-operative, but those who have worked in very controlling hierarchical systems greatly appreciate the new approach.

The Gap LOCO while trying to make a profit has the rules of a not-for-profit association. Workers pay $10 to become a worker and when they leave they are entitled to that $10 back. Workers do not actually own the co-op’s capital. If the Gap LOCO decides to stop operating all of its accumulated wealth must be given to a similar community group. So in effect The LOCO is owned by the community. The LOCO workers would like to see other businesses in our area adopt a similar model so profits made benefit everyone. 

The Gap LOCO is short for The Gap Local Organic Co-operative Ltd. It sells certified organic fruit, vegetables, dairy and other grocery lines. Their reason for promoting organics is to reduce harmful chemicals in our environment but also to take direct steps to reduce climate change. Organic farming keeps carbon in the soil and is less reliant on fossil fuels. It is more labour intensive and so the produce is generally more expensive. However as Frida a worker in the co-op explained, “if you factor in the all the costs of conventional farming to the environment in terms of chemical run off, erosion and fossil fuel dependency, organics will save costs in the long run.” 

If you want to support this very different community-based and environmentally enhancing business you can visit their pop up shop at 15 High St, Ashgrove, on Mondays between 10am to 5pm or organise a home delivery via email:

To find out more please visit: The Gap LOCO website