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Brisbane Seniors Online (BSOL) has been operating and helping vulnerable seniors and over 50s with their computers and the internet for 23 years. Computer and internet users including seniors are quite vulnerable with the sophisticated scams proliferating around the world in the technological field. Brisbane Seniors Online learners often tell their mentors about their experience where some have been caught up in scams and lost money. Others have become suspicious and luckily have investigated further and found that the text, phone call, or email is risky and a scam. Other risks are identity theft where enough personal information is obtained to obtain loans, purchase goods, and even transfer property ownership. BSOL regularly encounter these issues while home mentoring learners. 

Computer and internet users should be aware that there are ways to check on scams including the Australian Government National Anti-scam Centre through Scamwatch and a booklet ‘The Little Black Book of Scams’, available online through the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. Brisbane Seniors Online mentors can assist learners to identify scams so that they are not put at risk of fraud, identity theft, and loss of their savings.  

Learners also request assistance with online shopping and banking, booking travel and holidays, and dealing with Centrelink and Medicare. 

One emerging development is artificial intelligence (AI) and ChatGPT. These have been regularly seen in the news and media. Learners have been concerned about the future of this technology and it is one aspect of training that is now being addressed.  

We welcome new learners and volunteer mentors. Lessons are provided in the learner’s own home on their own device. In addition to computing and the internet, Brisbane Seniors Online members can attend other special interest groups including digital photography, Linux, Apple, and mentors can get upskilling through the mentor support group. 

A $20 one-off joining fee and $45 a year covers 12 hours of home lessons, and once formal training is completed, the learner has access to ongoing support for the balance of their membership year. So, if they get an issue they need assistance with, their mentor can be contacted for further assistance. 

Brisbane Seniors Online is appreciative of the ongoing support and funding provided the Gambling Community Benefit Fund. 

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