Col’s Chat – Locals through my Lens – Clara Rotolone

Col’s Chat –

Locals through my Lens

Clara Rotolone

Clara Rotolone is a young woman steeped in ambition. Throughout our chat, I am reminded of a line by Anne Shirley, the titular hero of L.M. Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables. “Oh, it’s delightful to have ambitions. Just as soon as you attain to one ambition you see another one glittering higher up still. It does make life so interesting.”

It’s fair to say that conversation with Clara is not defined by any distinction in age. The grade eight, Gap High School student is as informed, articulate and insightful as anyone I have interviewed. Her clear academic and sporting prowess comes with the cloak of humility and kindness, and it is this that has no doubt been a factor in a slew of recent awards and recognitions. Most recently, Clara was awarded a Bursary Award for Outstanding Academic Performance and Effort by The Gap RSL Sub Branch.

In addition to the bursary, there’s been excellence awards in maths, science, digital technologies, Chinese, and Humanities and Social Sciences.

One subject however, clearly fuels Clara’s ambitions. “I am very passionate about English. I aspire to be a writer of some kind. I have gone into a few writing competitions, excursions and camps. I really enjoy creative fiction, especially realistic fiction… things that could happen. And, some fantasy as well.”

Clara is also currently writing a novel, and from the plot description (no spoilers) the tale of Violet Summerstone is going to provide much creative fuel for this bright mind, and a story of intrigue for us readers.

Clara is in the Honours program at school, but her ambitions are unwavering. “Sometimes I feel as if I could be challenged more. Challenged by a more mature audience and provided more rigorous, constructive feedback”.

Outside of school, Clara’s sporting interests include mountain biking and ju-jitsu, but her ambitions lie in the sporting arena of hockey, and in particular the role of goalkeeper. “I play for Northern Suburbs Hockey Club at Dorrington Park, and really enjoy it. In fact, my ambition is to play in the 2032 Brisbane Olympics.” If ambition, talent and passion are rewarded, you should consider buying tickets to see Clara now.

When invited to reveal something about herself that she’d like people to know, she explains, “I am very much a feminist; and very much for women, and everyone’s rights. I want to stand up for people who are being discriminated against, whatever they may be.”

Here sits before me a leader of the future; a humble yet determined person for whom the ambition to learn, share and inspire comes naturally.

Author and Photographer: Colin Bushell / Colin Bushell Photography