Out & About – Scrumptious Reads

Scrumptious Reads & Arthur Terrace Coffee Shop

Coffee and books are a heavenly combination for a Saturday morning, so I decided to visit the neighbouring Scrumptious Reads and Arthur Terrace Coffee Shop in Red Hill.

Scrumptious Reads is more than a bookshop. Yes, it holds a carefully-curated selection of books guaranteed to be good, with a special focus on culinary books. But if you think deeper into how reads could possibly be scrumptious you may get a clue.

The lower floor of the shop includes a kitchen, where during their cookbook launches, chefs are able to show off recipes from their books or run cooking courses. Excitingly, Scrumptious Reads is re-starting their monthly Cook Book Club later in the year, where a chef will make dinner in-store for members.  They also run a normal Book Club on the second Tuesday of every month.

And if that hasn’t blown your mind enough, Scrumptious Reads also hosts an art gallery on the lower floor, where exhibitions and art workshops run throughout the year.

After my wonderful time in the book store, I headed next door to the Arthur Terrace Coffee Shop and ordered a perfect iced coffee – with ice cream and without too much cream. It was delicious. They offer a wide range of drinks including smoothies, juices and not-so-sweet iced coffees, as well as breakfast until 11:45am.

Scrumptious Reads is open 9am-2pm Tuesday-Saturday.

Arthur Terrace Coffee Shop is open 6am-12pm weekdays and 7am-12pm weekends.

Author & images: Evie Drinnan