Update on The Brisbane Tramway Museum

The Brisbane Tramway Museum

Unfortunately, sub-station repairs are taking longer than originally predicted on the Brisbane Tramway Museum. It’s the old story – the deeper you dig, the more problems you encounter. At the time of writing, the team are still melting out litres of 80-year-old bitumen so they can get to the actual problem components. The museum is still open every Sunday but only as a static display. 

Meanwhile, the daily operations continue, particularly restoration.  

Tram 136, a Dreadnought built in 1915, is now ready to be placed back on its bogeys (trucks in tram language). Once in position, wiring of the control system will be completed and 136 will re-enter service after many years of work bringing it back to its original 1915 condition and colours.  

On a smaller scale, our horse-drawn tram 41, has had signwriting carried out to bring that back to original. The letters stand for Metropolitan Tramway & Investment Company – a company which ran the Brisbane tram system before 1900. 

Restoration has also re-started on Trolley Bus 34 and other smaller items of historical significance. 

The museum is open on Sundays from 12.30pm to 4.00 pm but only as a static display with reduced admission fees. 

The Brisbane Tramway Museum is proudly supported by the Brisbane City Council. 

The museum is located at 20 Tramway Street, Ferny Grove, QLD. 

Find out more on the Brisbane Tramway Museum website or  Facebook page.