Community Fundraising Campaign – The Western Echo

Community Fundraising Campaign –

Help keep your local news thriving

Please Support The Western Echo!

As you know, The Western Echo is an independent news organisation owned and run by locals in your community. But to keep telling and sharing your stories we need your help.

Please help us keep local news vibrant and alive in our community by donating to our major fundraising campaign 3-7 June.

We need your assistance to keep publishing The Western Echo. Advertising income only partly covers the costs of printing, distribution, and other necessary publishing costs – and we don’t pay ourselves any income at all from The Western Echo. 

We continue to publish The Western Echo as a voluntary contribution to the local community – and we want to keep doing this.

With your help, we can continue to tell and share the stories that matter to our community.

Every dollar counts. We are aiming to raise $12,000. 

The money raised will help cover the shortfall in publishing expenses for the next approx 12 months. 

MATCHED FUNDING! From 3-7 June, LINA (Local & Independent News Association) will provide matched dollar-for-dollar funds for every $ we raise! 

Donations will be gratefully accepted via this website (starting 3 June). Please “DONATE” here online. 

CHAT WITH US IN-PERSON: We will also have a stand in The Gap Village on Monday 3 June & Friday 7 June – see you there! We are happy to answer any questions you may have about The Western Echo. 

Thank you – Mel + Kym