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Col’s Chat –

Locals through my Lens

Georgia Scarlett

If you think that the modern music scene is simply ambling along and refusing to challenge the status quo, then you have clearly not spent time with Georgia Scarlett.

Ashgrove resident, Georgia, a Stuartholme alumni, and current student of Fine Arts (Music), with a minor in journalism at QUT is not sitting back and waiting for the music industry to come to her; rather she’s grabbing it by the lapels and giving it a good shake.

“Music, for me, is about community togetherness. It’s not about individual competition, but about bringing everybody with me and lifting them up”. Georgia’s big vision is backed up with action aplenty. Her second single, Can’t Stop Time was released in June; and a third single, Cursive, will be released in September this year.

Georgia started with the piano, but realised that she had no real love for it. She needed to find a new focus, and carve her own path. High school was a turning point. “Stuartholme had a really good music program and an exceptional choir and band. It enabled me to gain confidence in my own music, develop my own skills and along with singing, experiment with new instruments like the clarinet.”

“By 2019 I was busking at markets, and when I picked up a guitar, I fell in love with it. From there I started playing events, weddings, even City Hall. I was enjoying the performing.”

The statistics however, do not support successful school musicians following this path into a full-time career. Some statistics show that only 1% of school leavers who were accomplished musicians follow up with a career choice in music. Georgia excelled academically as well, and there were plenty of doors open for her after Year 12.

“When it came to making my Year 12 preferences, I realised that music is what I have to do. My parents were incredibly supportive, and they could see the passion, motivation and energy that I had.”

There is of course the small matter of breaking into the music scene. How does that enthusiasm and talent rise up above the crowd? “It is very hard to get an audience. The writing and playing has to be supported by getting people to your shows. You have to get out there; use social media, but also go and meet people. I’ve recently formed a band, which creates exposure on a wider scale.”

Then there is the small matter of her regular show, From the Roots on 4ZZZ. “It started with a journalism internship in their news room. I loved it. I see journalism as another way to bridge the gap with music; another way to get the message out. After my internship I asked if I could stay; and now have my own show.”

The standard question for a musician is, ‘Who have been your big influencers’. And yes, I asked it. But the answer was far more refreshing than just listing a few historical figures. “I listen to everything; country, indie rock, funk; but my love of acoustic roots music came when I was experimenting with music myself. I have always been inspired by storytelling; sharing stories and being able to connect with people. The lyrics are really important in getting people to feel, connect and communicate feelings.”

It’s been an inspiration and, as we conclude with a discussion about the multitude of instruments Georgia plays, she reveals one last fact. “I also play harmonica. In fact, I’ve always got one in my bag… you never know when you are going to need it!”

It’s the most charming conclusion to a charming chat.

You can hear Georgia on 4ZZZ Thursdays from 1-3pm and keep up to date with her music releases on Instagram, and Spotify.

Author & Photographer: Colin Bushell / Colin Bushell Photography