Help keep The Western Echo thriving!

We are asking for the community’s support please by donating to our fundraising campaign on 3-7 June – to help cover the costs of printing and distribution of The Western Echo.

With your help, we can continue to tell and share the stories that matter to our community.

Please help us by donating to our fundraising campaign 3-7 June.

We need your assistance please to keep publishing The Western Echo. Advertising income only partly covers our costs of printing, distribution, and other necessary publishing costs.

From 3-7 June, every dollar we raise will be generously matched by funding from LINA (Local & Independent News Association) – in recognition of the importance of independent news in our local community.

As many of you will know, both Kym and I volunteer our time and skills to publish The Western Echo, and to support many of our local groups, businesses, and NFPs. We don’t pay ourselves. We are asking for your help please so we can continue printing The Western Echo for all to enjoy.

Every dollar counts. We are aiming to raise $12,000. The money raised will help cover the shortfall in publishing expenses for the next approx 12 months.

MATCHED FUNDING! From 3-7 June, LINA (Local & Independent News Association) will provide matched dollar-for-dollar funds for every $ we raise!

Donations can also be made in-person at our stand in The Gap Village on Monday 3 June and Friday 7 June; from 9am-5pm. Please come by and say hi!

Thank you!!

From Mel + Kym